The New Gods

Breeze Brightwind
Alignment – CG
Domains – Air, Chaos, Good, Magic
Favored Weapon – Quarterstaff
Symbol – A pamphlet
Portfolio – Air magic, wild magic

Feralyth (a.k.a. Bast)
Alignment – CG
Domains – Animal, Chaos, Charm, Good, Knowledge
Favored Weapon – Longsword
Symbol – A cat’s eye with 3 claw marks beneath
Portfolio – Akashics, akashic memory, cats, festhalls

Alignment – NG
Domains – Animal, Good, Liberation, Plant, Travel
Favored Weapon – Composite longbow
Symbol – Bow and arrow
Portfolio – The hunt, freedom

Roht-Krur (a.k.a. Thunder)
Alignment – LG
Domains – Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Strength
Favored Weapon – Unarmed
Symbol – A pair of gauntleted forearms crossed with fists clenched
Portfolio – Monks, bravery

Alignment – CN
Domains – Chaos, Community, Luck, Travel, Trickery
Favored Weapon – Rapier
Symbol – An apple pierced by a rapier
Portfolio – Xyzend

Alignment – LN
Domains – Law, Protection, Strength, War
Favored Weapon – Bastard sword
Symbol – Mailed fist holding a bastard sword
Portfolio – Mercenaries

The New Gods

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