A Chronology of the Neuthael Peninsula

Year Event
0 - The Shattering occurs on the 23rd of Snowmelt.
- A roaring cry can be heard for miles around the Dragonspire on the 23rd of Snowmelt. Those who heard the cry say it drove them to tears, and was the saddest thing they had ever heard.
3 - The Council of Durlingen is founded. Durlingen and others affected by the Shattering banded together to make sure that the mistakes (and hubris) of the magisters were never forgotten.
- Survivors of the destruction of the Triune Megaliths discover the Dungeon of the Ebon Flame near the Elothoi for the first time.
5 - Askleros Nerchev, friend of Durlingen, swears an oath to kill each and every magister (wizard, spellcaster) he can find.
6 - Askleros Nerchev kills his first magister, Lhaera Magehand of Woltremen.
12 - The first meeting of the followers of Askleros Nerchev occurs. Those oathsworn to kill magisters are the progenitors of what would become the Dark Convocation.
- Dozens of magisters meet over the ruins of the Triune Megalith on the Neuthael Peninsula to discuss how to handle the backlash over the destruction of the megaliths as well as the rising hatred towards magisters. Accusations fly, and old rivalries renew. All of the magisters who came to discuss peace die during the ensuing spellbattle.
16 - Ul-Lothan, an ur’mrel magister, tears a mountain from the Nuur’tosh Mountains and drops it on an undead army coming to attack Dlaerthal in Corynys. The citizens of Dlaerthal bludgeon him to death in thanks.
19 - Forest’s Edge is founded in Kilat.
43 - Ayles, a loresong fhaey magister, fends off her apprentices who return to steal her trove of magic items. She first rips their ability to wield magic from them, then she destroys their minds, leaving them empty husks.
50 - The Orb of Firestorms is first mentioned in the tome, “The Element of Fire,” by Malerskis.
64 - Hunters tracking the Great Cave Bear in the Nuur’tosh Mountains disappear in the southern reaches of the Neuthael Peninsula.
76 - The Academy of Iron Might is founded in Woltremen, Corynys.
84 - Vaelrie magister Gai Laracal battles Arinni Uel for possession of the Diamond Staff of Thessal over the Port of Drax in Corynys. Gai wins and doesn’t kill Arinni. He is about to leave when Arinni is mobbed by Corynysian citizens who are attempting to kill her. He saves her life and they spend a few years together before she tries to steal the Diamond Staff again and he kills her.
86 - Volvenus, the City of Fire, is founded in Corynys.
96 - This year finds the individuals who will form the Dark Convocation kill over 150 spellcasters of various kinds and races. This is the height of their power until the late 9th century.
c. 100 - “Magister’s Decree.” Magisters en masse announce they are retreating from the Neuthael Peninsula under great pressure from the common populace, in particular from Corynys.
102 - The Dark Convocation is officially formed.
106 - Eyewitnesses say that the ground above the Dungeon of Ebon Flames is lit with black fire on the 4th of Firelight. This has occurred every year on the same day since.
110 - This year is the first known appearance of the Judge, an itinerant arbiter of justice that travels throughout the Neuthael Peninsula.

Year Event
112 - Speaker Fuolden, the contact for the nature spirit of Mt. Thulas in the Nuur’tosh Mountains near Volvenus, dies late in the year. Common folklore of the area held the belief that if the Speaker died, the volcano would erupt.
113 - As citizens worry and fear after the death of Speaker Fuolden, Mt. Thulas erupts, sending lava and ash down upon Volvenus, wiping the town out.
116 - The rival kingdoms of Mallast and Harbind rise south of Corynys. They both exist for over a decade before destroying each other. Corynys, sensing an opportunity, immediately sends settlers into the lands of the former kingdoms to increase their own country’s size and resources.
- Jazhaok is founded in Mallast (now Corynys).
- Stanatal is founded in Harbind (now Corynys).
124 - Ayelego is founded.
130 - Volvenus, the City of Fire, is rebuilt in Corynys.
140 - Weresharks attack the Port of Drax in Corynys.
148 - Ervasas and Khivithar are founded. This year is commonly considered (by sages and historians as) the founding of Kilat, though Kilatans consider the founding of their country to have occurred on The Shattering.
149 - Beginning of the 1st War for Order between Corynys and Kilat when the Corynysian army assaults Ervasas and Khivithar.
157 - End of the 1st War for Order when reserves of the Corynysian army, camped near the Dragonspire, disappears when the Dragonspire glows with light during the night of 13 Snowmelt. The reserves are never seen again. Frightened, the Corynysian army quickly retreats.
161 - A portal opens over Ervasas. Celestial creatures come flying through the portal and make their way towards the Nuur’tosh Mountains, not to be seen again.
163 - Beginning of the 2nd War for Order. Corynysian mobs kill many xyzends (as well as those suspected of being xyzends) throughout Corynys.
166 - End of the 2nd War for Order. During what becomes known as the Battle of Widow’s Crossing, a unit of xyzend soldiers send their families back across a bridge and then assault the Corynysian army in a suicide attack. During the attack, through unknown means, the xyzend soldiers powers go wild, destroying much of the Corynysian army. Both sides are shocked by the event and quickly return to their homes.
174 - Many xyzend’s powers inexplicably go wild on The Shattering, the 23rd of Snowmelt. This event spurs a great amount of research into wild magic.
193 - Ornmal is founded in Kilat.
208 - Lavayl is founded in Kilat.
212 - Beginning of the 3rd War for Order with the explosion of the Witchlord Palace in Ortholis. It is commonly believed (particularly in Corynys), but never confirmed, to have been caused by xyzend saboteurs.
216 - Nehl is founded in Kilat.
217 - The first mention of the individual known as the Storm King living in the Nuur’tosh Mountains occurs this year.
221 - Farenoks are roused from their lairs in the Nuur’tosh Mountains to attack Starfall. The combined might of the Corynysians and dulren repel the farenoks.
226 - Taladoc kills five Dark Convocation members who are attempting to kill him. This battle is the first time that Taladoc uses his Ebon Spear spell.
Year Event
240 - Warlord Harvik Telsand declares himself the new Brevik the Red, and begins what he calls the Red Kingdom, cutting a bloody swath across the countryside.
243 - This year brings the end of the 3rd War for Order. Though considered a war, it was more a number of smaller skirmishes that occurred just often enough to keep tensions high between Corynys and Kilat.
249 - Warlord Harvik Telsand is found dead this year, seemingly bit in half by some great monster. His nascent kingdom quickly falls.
265 - Attacks by wererats occur in Stanatal, Corynys.
266 - Abundant grapes and perfect weather mean a great wine vintage this year. The fhaey thank Stumble, “The god of good wine and getting drunk.”
- This year is the last known use of the Gauntlets of Magnificent Battle by Taladoc.
268 - The Storm King builds Stormkeep in the foothills of the Nuur’tosh Mountains in Corynys.
286 - Beginning of the 4th War for Order. Prophet Arylen, the first to call for the unification of the city-states of Kilat into a proper country, is assasinated by Corynysian agents. This year also finds numerous “noble” xyzend families abducted.
288 - End of the 4th War for Order with the discovery of the kidnapped xyzend families as well as an item known as the “Negation Device,” meant to nullify the special abilities of the xyzend.
296 - The Academy of Sword & Spell is founded in Khivithar in what will become Kilat.
308 - Weresharks again attack the Port of Drax. The shark totem path is discovered this year.
318 - A portal opens momentarily above the Castle of Brevik the Red. A many-tentacled horror tries to force its way through the portal, however, the portal closes, cutting off many tentacles of the monster.
319 - Vylek, a xyzend farmer’s son, finds a tentacle in a pasture on his family’s farm, thinking it to be a snake. After touching it, the boy’s arms are turned to tentacles. Vylek’s family ostracizes him, and he runs away.
327 - A portal opens in the Nuur’tosh Mountains. Citizens of both Corynys and Kilat are plagued by horrifying nightmares. Many people die in the midst of their nightmares. A number of adventurers discover the portal and walk through, but are never heard from again.
336 - Hurlicos Nurthampan, leader of the Council of Durlingen, discovers the akashic memory.
337 - Council of Durlingen discovers first known akasic node within the ruins of an ancient citadel located on Bluewater Bay in what is now Norvunel on the 4th of Fall’s Arrival.
338 - The first akashic library is built in Bluebay in what will become Norvunel.
339 - The Witchlords fully take over the leadership of Corynys. As a group, they are known as the Assembly of Seven.
341 - Massive (and numerous) bolts of lightning decimate the Corynysian Army camped close to Stormkeep.
342 - A serial killer haunts the lands east of the Nuur’tosh Mountains, with all of the victims strangled.
356 - The last known murder by the serial killer operating in Kilat and what will become Norvunel occurs this year.
361 - Heavy snows from the winter melt in the spring, causing a flash flood that breaks through an earthen dam in the Nuur’tosh Mountains. The flood and ensuing landslide destroy much of Volvenus.
364 - Fort Walness is founded.
382 - The Barony of Eskland rises in what would become Norvunel.
Year Event
384 - Beginning of the 5th War for Order with the assassination of Witchlord Kornik by the infamous xyzend assassin Lianna Darkmoon. The assassination was carried out in brutal fashion, as she left 1/2 of Kornik’s body with his wife, and 1/2 of his body with his mistress.
389 - End of the 5th War for Order when Lianna Darkmoon dies in Einar fending off an attack by a group of Corynysian agents sent to kill her.
403 - The kingdom of Taskana rises in northwest Kilat.
405 - The kingdom of Taskana falls under heavy and constant vuldrog attacks.
408 - The Barony of Eskland falls when Baron Durrinor Esk dies and his sons fight over rite of succession.
413 - Vuldrogs fry from their roosts and attack Ovram in Kilat for nearly a year before the air assults abruptly end.
- Wererats plague Stanatal again.
414 - Wildfire ravage much of northern Kilat.
417 - Beginning of the 6th War for Order.
418 - End of the 6th War for Order. It ends when a common soldier, Quuris, somehow amplifies the abilities of a few of the other soldiers and blasts a hole in the Corynysian army lines.
419 - Record harvests this year mean many happy Bounty Day’s throughout the Neuthael Peninsula.
453 - Bluebay is renamed Centeris. The kingdom of Norvunel is founded.
467 - Akashic’s Holding is founded in Norvunel.
473 - Lavayl becomes Einar, after the warrior who saves the town from an attack from sea trolls.
476 - This year finds the first mention of Mallenar in the Red Scimitar mercenary company records.
481 - Mallenar becomes an officer in the Red Scimitars. In this year he also finds the intelligent sword, Imbryx.
483 - In rapid fashion, Mallenar becomes the commander of the Red Scimitars under very mysterious circumstances, after the previous commander, Bladelord Harvel Orbix dies of a wasting disease that ultimately leaves his body a shriveled husk.
484 - Mallenar begins his campaigns throughout the region of the Neuthael Peninsula that encompasses the area southeast of the Dragonspire, brutally killing anyone who attempts to stop him. He quickly gains the name “The Reaver King.”
486 - The village of Halfton is founded at the foot of the Dragonspire.
487 - Mallenar, victorious, carves out a kingdom called Imbryx, named after his intelligent sword.
494 - Founding of the Tha’oeth Cla’il’ari in Halfton.
496 - The Dragonspire glows with a crimson hue. This event, sages say, is responsible in some way for keeping Halfton safe and driving Mallenar the Reaver King’s army away from the village.
497 - The Staff of Water is part of a treasure ship bound from a port near Akashic’s Holding to Einar that sinks due to the attack of a dragon turtle.
500 - The kingdom of Imbryx stretches from the Nuur’tosh Mountains on the west to Einar in the north and Centeris in the south, with Halfton a bastion of freedom on the western expanse of the kingdom.

Year Event
502 - Ilves, the Witchlord of Water and Nukinnen, the Witchlord of Earth create the Dhire Swamp with Mallenar the Reaver King’s seat of power, Reaverkeep, at the center. The two witchlords work together to first inundate the area with water and then bury the keep with dirt and mud far beneath the waters. Mallenar the Reaver King disappears.
503 - A portal opens into the Dhire Swamp. Hordes of serpents of all kinds as well as bog salamanders come through the portal before it closes.
507 - Corynys forces all Norvullan citizens and all akashics out of their country, accusing them of being spies.
518 - Farmers who live near the Dhire Swamp begin to speak of someone who lives in the swamp who goes by the name of the Raven Oracle.
523 - The edict banning Norvullans and akashics from Corynys is lifted.
- Alster is founded in Norvunel.
546 - Hallesk is founded in Norvunel.
561 - Beginning of the 7th, and final, War for Order.
- An earthquake decimated the city of Alster, in Norvunel, killing over 500 citizens.
- The Tha’oeth Cla’il’ari are nearly driven underground as the death of one of the courtesans who work for the organization finds the release of numerous notes she kept about her clients. The notes almost destroy five noble families as well as nearly sets Corynys to war with Norvunel. As a result, the organization becomes more secretive and introspective.
563 - End of the 7th War for Order.
565 - Durrinor Esk IV tries to recreate the Barony of Eskland in southern Corynys. He is killed and his army destroyed by the Corynysian Army.
577 - The Armor of Earth is last seen being worn by Grimaxe, a dulren mercenary who disappears on his way home to the dulren village of Flameforge.
589 - Akashic’s Holding becomes Tysele, the City of Libraries.
590 - Two previous poor harvests, in conjuction with the poor harvest this year, lead to great hardship throughout the Neuthael Peninsula. The population declines as tens of thousands die of hunger.
596 - The Storm King dies when Stormkeep explodes from within. Pent up lightning erupts skyward opening a portal to a realm where chaotic monstrosities exist and a few escaped into Alvenal.
599 - Norvullan akashic Raemy Blinsol declares that he has discovered a mistake in the coordinates of the locations of the Triune Megaliths, a mistake that would have easily caused the destruction that occurred. He is killed however before he can announce his findings.
602 - A whirlpool forms off of the coast of Tysele in Norvunel. Three research ships, on a mission to find akashic nodes in the Sundered Sea, are lost to the whirlpool.
619 - Adventurers release dozens of chlortheks from a cave complex in southern Corynys. The chlortheks kill hundreds before they are stopped. A journal found in the complex by the adventurers declares that the maker of the chlortheks is someone (or something) known as Vordrian.
621 - The Tha’oeth Cla’il’ari, based out of the House of Orchids in Halfton, expand their operations to the Manor of Three Colored Roses in Centeris, the Palace of Chrysanthemums in Ervasas, and Lily Gardens in Woltremen.

Year Event
626 - An earthquake strikes the coast of Golrendell of the Four Kingdoms of Light and Darkness, across the Sundered Sea from the Neuthael Peninsula. Many citizens emigrate to Kilat and Norvunel.
655 The Adherents of Elintoros first form in this year. A group of young vaelrie, many firebrands and revolutionaries, they travel around Ghelscena trying to discover if the vaelrie Kwyllith is corrent in his assumption that the prophecies of Elintoros actually speak of dark times to come and not the Titan Wars of the past.
679 - Halfton is nearly destroyed by fire.
680 - Halfton is rebuilt. The city is divided into four quarters: Corynys Quarter, Kilat Quarter, Norvunel Quarter and the Poor Quarter.
681 - The Cult of the Serpent infests Malark, in Norvunel.
- Fort Walness simply becomes Walness when an earthquake destroys the fort.
708 - The Cult of the Serpent essentially controls Malark by this year.
717 - As open warfare nearly comes to Halfton, the leaders of Corynys, Norvunel, and Kilat Quarters are all assassinated. No culprit is ever found.
719 - Maerinna Charmsong comes to Malark and roots out the Serpent Cult influence in Malark. Happy to be free of serpentine influence, the citizens of Malark declare Lady Charmsong mayor. At the end of the ceremony where she accepts the mayoral title, she performs a song and ravens by the hundreds roost in the trees of the town. Soon, Malark gains the secondary name of “Raven’s Roost.”
736 - The “twin” cities of Utuoma and Fhilgen are founded. To this day, Utuoma has more in common culturally with Norvunel than with Corynys.
750 - The first competition to climb the Dragonspire occurs in Halfton. The individual who wins the competition gains the title “Champion of the Spire.” The first Champion of the Spire is Saerina Dunels.
759 - The Crown of Air disappears when the adventurer Embergris and his group, The Agents of Conquest, go missing in the Dhire Swamp.
762 - Affertil is founded in Norvunel.
774 - Many instructors at the Academy of Sword and Spell are assassinated in Khivithar. The culprit is never found.
784 - Basilisk attacks plague Norvunel for the next decade.
- Maerinna Charmsong rushes to defend Malark from some sort of flying monstrosity that she cannot identify. Her spells push it towards the Dhire Swamp. She shapechanges into a giant raven and follows it into the swamp. She is never seen from again.
786 - Nauva Glimmerwing, a spryte, and the Champion of the Spire in 782, spontaneously grows an additional set of leathery wings as well as a reptilian tail. This is the first instance, but not last, when this occurs.
796 - “The Night of One Hundred Twenty-Six Gods.” A fhaey enclave in a grove of trees on the border of the Dhire Swamp is overrun by trolls from the swamp. They barely survive, though their home is destroyed. The fhaey proclaim that during the assault, they discovered 126 new gods, to include Icy, “She who makes the trolls cold,” Ramast, “The god for those who hate lightning,” and Zyffik Fast-trollslayer.
800 - Halfton passes laws to protect magisters and other spellcasters, much to Corynysian chagrin (both the citizens of Halfton and those of Corynys itself).
801 - Tysele becomes Lebaire.

Year Event
812 - The Port of Drax is renamed Northport when the new village of Southport is formed west of Walness.
813 - El-Joren, the ur’mrel Champion of the Spire in 802, is the second individual to grow a pair of leathery wings and a reptilian tail.
814 - The power of shark totem warriors supplants that of the witches in Northport this year.
816 - The Cult of the Black Dawn is formed in Halfton. They proclaim that a solar eclipse will soon occur that will send the world into oblivion.
818 - First fighting tournament sponsored by Keroll Durnalv is held in Einar, Kilat. The person who wins the competition is given the title of “Grande Champion of Durnalv.”
836 - Quelthal Javkis is the first (and only, to this point) individual to simultaneously hold the titles of Champion of the Spire as well as Grande Champion of Durnalv.
843 - Cultists of a Dark Future appear for the first time on the Neuthael Peninsula in Lebaire in Norvunel.
845 - A whirlpool forms three separate times in the Sundered Sea not far from Einar in Kilat.
846 - Captain Argor is kicked out of Halfton by the Judge for his abuse of power in arresting Roht-Krur and the other then mortal New Gods.
- A grizzly bear attacks and kills Argor, former captain of the guard from Halfton, in Forest’s Edge, Kilat. The bear leaves the rest of Argor’s family alone, and is never seen again.
- Many xyzend have visions of a rebuilt and fully complete Castle of Brevik the Red. Sages speculate upon the reason why, but no dominant theory is put forth.
- Many portals, most of them forgotten, activate on the Neuthael Peninsula, bringing many creatures and individuals from other worlds as well as sending people and monsters from the peninsula to other worlds.
- Opereth becomes the first Armslord of Halfton.
847 - The third instance of the spontaneous growth of wings and a tail occurs when Champion of the Spire in 846 Rhistel Laelithar gains his new appendages.
848 - Kalyk is saved by the then mortal New Gods.
849 - The town of New Haven is founded hard by the outer walls of the Moaning Castle (what used to be called Cryshal Keep), near the Dhire Swamp in Norvunel.
- The Dark Convocation is found guilty of the rentyr magister, Artrn, in Halfton. A death sentence is declared for any members found operating in Halfton by Armslord Ornetar.
850 - Corynys begins building fortresses along the entire border it has with both Kilat and Norvunel.
854 - Due to unknown reasons, tribes of trolls leave the Dhire Swamp and attack all villages in the local region. The then-mortal New Gods save New Haven and push back the trolls into the swamp without ever discovering what caused the trolls to move out of the swamp.
861 - Kilatan spies discover the full plans of the Corynysians for the building of their fortresses along the borders of Kilat and Norvunel. The spies are captured, but are allowed to escape (without their knowledge).
- A massive sapphire mine is discovered near Alster, Norvunel. Soon, these sapphires are used to note who amongst the citizenry are akashics.
863 - The citizens of the city-states of Kilat democratically vote and choose to become an official country. Kalyk, the young boy saved by the New Gods, is named Sovereign.
865 - Breeze Brightwind, Feralyth, Kival, Roht-Krur, Vyce and Xavis undergo apotheosis and become what are known as the New Gods.

Year Event
868 - Churches to the New Gods begin to appear across the Neuthael Peninsula. The Church of Vyce is quickly adopted as the official church of Kilat, and the same occurs with the Church of Feralyth in Norvunel.
870 - Apple trees spontaneously grow and deliver ripe fruit. All see this as a sign of Vyce’s favor in Kilat.
871 - A plague runs through Halfton, killing hundreds of citizens.
876 - The Knights of Memory are founded in Norvunel.
888 - The akashics of Norvunel begin to notice holes and gaps in the akashic memory.
889 - The Darkmoon noble xyzend family in Halfton is attacked by what is believed to be Corynysian agents. The father, Aundil, and mother, Mhillys, are killed. The two daughters were either killed or abducted. Their bodies were never found.
892 - Arenna Rychel, Champion of the Spire in 884, is the fourth Champion to gain a pair of wings and a tail.
894 - The hamlet of Tajik in Kilat, a human enclave of primarily Novullan descent, is burned to the ground by bandits that had plagued the town for over two years. The citizens complained for years that the bandits were of xyzend origin and persecuting them for living in Kilat.
896 - The Stormlords first appear this year. They brutally crush the power and control of the shark totem warriors in Northport.
- Beams of light emanate from the Dragonspire. A portal opens, and a flying ship from another world (not Q’reis) crash lands outside the walls of Halfton.
897 - Building of the Storm Fortress begins on top of the ruins of Stormkeep in the Nuur’tosh Mountains.
- The Chaos Brigade, a unique army unit in Kilat, is formed.
900 - Eviln Nallock, Champion of the Spire in 877, is the fifth Champion to gain a pair of wings and a tail.
- A new forest appears 10 miles west of Halfton. In addition to the forest, a tall, spiraling tower is seen in the forest as well. Suddenly and surprisingly, vaelrie appear and announce they are in charge of protecting the forest. Due to this, tensions rise throughout the region.
- Adventurers discover the dead body of the goddess Lachesis, who leaves a message before she died stating that some number of deities from the pantheon were responsible for her death. Also, she declares that mortals will be responsible for the future of the world, and that only mortals can save the world from the darkness to come.
- Portals to other worlds spontaneously activate again throughout the Neuthael Peninsula.
- The sand mounds of Halfton glow for the first time in known history. Those who come near the mounds say they hear voices that sound like hissing and clicking.
- The Dark Convocation walk openly in Corynys, seemingly at the behest of the Stormlords.
- The Assembly of Seven gains 14 more members and becomes the Council of Witches.
- “The Night of Greenfire.” During a night in Frostair, coruscating beams of green light shoot down from the heavens and strike the world below, mostly Alvenal. When the beams strike, they disintegrate everything they touch. Seemingly in retaliation, beams of gold and platinum light return fire. Most of the beams of gold and platinum concentrate from the Castle of Brevik the Red.

Year Event
- Individuals claiming to possess potent mental powers come forward. They all say that their powers are different than the abilities of the rentyr. Most citizens disbelieve these claims.
901 - Hunters who had been hunting the Great Cave Bear in the year 64 mysteriously appear out of the Shadowed Forest near Hallesk, Norvunel.
- Princess Eiriani of the vaelrie of the Elothoi gives birth to the child of Galvarian, Antiefae. She is cast out of their lands. She purchases a property in Halfton, where she is bringing up the bastard heir to the vaelrie throne.
903 - Overmind Mirthal dies in his palace in Centeris. He is discovered with a white metallic dagger buried deep in his back. The dagger looks like a thigh bone. What concerns the akashics the most however is that all of Overmind Mirthal’s personal memories are permanently wiped from the akashic memory.
905 - Durna Irongrim, Champion of the Spire in 807, is the sixth Champion to gain a pair of wings as well as a tail.
- The Last Command, a group of undead mercenaries, rises again and roams the lands of the Neuthael Peninsula. The leader, a dread wraith named Zythos, claims that they wish to reunite with their leader, Mallenar the Reaver King.

A Chronology of the Neuthael Peninsula

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