Huelvor Amberelm


A vaelrie of the Elothoi who, along with his cousin Vergris Amberelm, infiltrated the detention center in the Wasteland to release a number of prisoners held there. Huelvor and Vergris are members of the organization known as the Adherents of Elintoros. This organization believes that the destinies and futures foretold by Elintoros have yet to occur, meaning that there is a great war to occur in the future of the vaelrie.

Their research led them to believe that an individual pivotal to the Destinies of Elintoros was being held in the detention center. Huelvor infiltrated the vaelrie of the Wasteland and insinuated his way into becoming a guard in the detention center, while Vergris was captured by the vaelrie and became their prisoner.

Huelvor led Durgan Glittergold, Galvaria, Ivverdoc, Kord Frostgrim, and La’rael on an assault on the warding device that kept prisoners within the confines of the lands surrounding the detention center. Successful, they have escaped and are currently on the run elsewhere within the Wasteland.

Huelvor Amberelm

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