A mysterious individual who was captured by the vaelrie of the Wasteland. Upon his capture, Ivverdoc had a heavy leather hood draped over his head with magically enhanced crystalline chains around his neck. His arms were encased in metal from above the elbows to his wrists, and his fingers and hands were bound by the same crystalline chains and then chained to the ceiling of his prison cell. Thick studded leather wraps covered his torso and legs, with heavy chains entangling his lower legs and attached to hooks embedded in the floor.

In the tumult of the prison break, Ivverdoc somehow managed to break free of the chains that bound him. His legs were completely unbound, but shackles still were bound upon each wrist with long lengths of chains still attached to the shackles. Upon their further escape from the building that held their possessions from before they were captured, Ivverdoc vowed to kill one vaelrie for each link of chain that were still attached to his shackles.

He is currently free and on the run from the vaelrie of the Wasteland. Ivverdoc has also vowed to reunite with Milagros in the future.


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