Vergris Amberelm


Vergris and his cousin, Huelvor Amberelm are members of a secretive group of vaelrie known as the Adherents of Elintoros. Elintoros lived millenia ago and left a number of tomes containing prophecies which years later have proven to be true. His most famous ones are those that concern the vaelrie and their war along with the fabled dragons against the titans. There are a number of young vaelrie however that feel that the Destinies of Elintoros still tell of a time to come, a dark future where the fate of the vaelrie is left much in doubt. So, these Adherents leave their native forest of the Elothoi behind to seek out lore and knowledge in hopes of discovering the truth behind the Destinies.

Vergris and Huelvor infiltrated the vaelrie territory known as the Wasteland, as they had discovered somehow that someone imprisoned there held answers to their questions concerning the Destinies. Huelvor infiltrated the Wasteland posing as an expatriate vaelrie from the Elothoi who was cast out for holding the same beliefs as their cousins of the Wasteland. Vergris allowed himself to be captured, posing as a rebel vaelrie attempting to incite chaos and disorder within the Wasteland.

During a scuffle that broke out in the halls of the detention center, both Huelvor and Vergris assisted in releasing all of the other prisoners from their cells. From there, they managed to get the escaping prisoners to another building where they found their equipment. After that, Vergris led Darvrim Emfar, Father Lothran, Keal Aron, Nathenal Blakes, Milagros, and Shea on a rapid escape from the detention center, first flying trained drakes and then running on their own to the edge of the Wasteland. Once the ward preventing their escape was lowered, the others continued on into the lands of the Nine Clans of the Isaari, while Vergris went back to check on his cousin and the others.

Vergris Amberelm

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