The world of Alvenal has seen many great changes over the past millenia. However, the changes to many are coming quicker and of a larger scale than ever before. Some see great things for the future of the world, others see that the destruction of the world is imminent. What role adventurers play in the future is unclear, but what they accomplish is destined to shape what is to come…

It is the year 900 as the humans on the continent of Ghelscena measure time. The turn of the century finds some members of the various races giddy about their future, while others look to the heavens above and see the planet Q’reis looming closer each day to Alvenal and dreading the possible, nay likely, return of the days of wild magic.

Cultists of a Dark Future walk the streets and alleys of all the various cities on Ghelscena, but particularly in the Neuthael Peninsula. Their numbers increase daily, and the hooded individuals announce to all that doom comes and whisper to those who care to listen that they know of ways to save oneself from the trials to come.

The most amazing event of note of the last half-century or so are the new gods that have ascended to the heavens above. Gods with names like Vyce, the god of the Xyzend, Kival, the god of the hunt, Feralyth, who is also known as Bast, is the goddess of akashics, the akashic memory, as well as cats of all kinds. Also others like Roht-Krur, also known as Thunder, who is the god of bravery, Breeze Brightwind, the Fhaey god of winds both pleasant and violent, and Xavis, god of mercenaries and warmains. Only the sages know what this sudden influx of gods to the pantheon means for the future.

On a more local level however, are the events that have changed the three countries of the Neuthael Peninsula: Corynys, Kilat, and Norvunel.

Corynys has become absolutely xenophobic. The borders to the country have nearly been completely closed. In fact, the country has begun work on the final fortress, the Storm Fortress, of what has been a 50 year plan of building massive fortresses along the entire border of Corynys. Each fortress is only 20 miles from the other, and patrol patterns easily overlap. The Assembly of Seven, the former leaders of Corynys, have been supplanted by the Stormlords. Who or what they are is unknown. They have increased the numbers of the witch council by 14, to a total number of 21, or three of each kind of witch. A final note… Never has the Dark Convocation been more powerful in its long history. While their true numbers are unknown, they walk openly along the streets of Corynys. The Stormlords and their voices to the citizens of Corynys, the Council of Witches, publicly disavow any connection to the oathsworn and their activities. However, most everyone believes that they operate at the behest of the Stormlords, assassinating magisters to keep the witches in power.

Kilat has finally become a unified country, rather than a loosely aligned group of city-states. Kilat is led by the Sovereign Kalyk, a xyzend who as a child was rescued after being abducted to the Four Kingdoms of Light and Darkness by Vyce and his companions from the depths of Castle Glengrave. He is advised by his “aunt,” Valeria, the sister of Vyce. Some believe that Valeria is a mind witch who is controlling Kalyk, and that she is the true power behind the throne. Kilat has spent a great deal of time to build its own elite group of warriors. This group of mage blades, unfettered, and warmains is known as the Chaos Brigade. Each of them has girded the natural spell-like talents of the xyzend with further powers. The abilities of each individual is considered a state secret, for if the powers of the Chaos Brigade were to become known, it would be easier to prepare to fight them. Lastly, through the actions of many greenbonds hired by Vyce, apple orchards abound through Kilat. In fact, greenbonds are more popular than ever in Kilat, as they spend much of their time crossbreeding varying types of apples, creating even more varieties of the fruit for the population.

In Norvunel, a major discovery of sapphire-like gems has led to a cultural change throughout the country. Now, those citizens who can access the akashic memory wear a gem that is mystically infused to their forehead. Each of the gems is a varying shade of blue; a lighter shade of blue means lesser knowledge and access to the akashic memory, and a deeper shade of blue means a person has greater knowledge of and access to the akashic memory. Norvunel has also created their own version of elite warriors, known as the Knights of History. They specialize in utilizing the akashic memory to access the battle memories of various warriors throughout the history of Alvenal. Further, the warriors are divided into smaller groups that specialize in the battle tactics of a specific warrior, such as Mallenar’s Squad or the Company of Emmick Shadowmind. Lately though, akashics of every level of ability have begun to notice holes in the akashic memory. This concerns them deeply, as they feel there is some sort of connection between these holes, yet cannot discern what these connections may be.

The World of Alvenal

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